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Winter Lawn Care Tips For Your Grass

In the winter months, many Texas lawns go dormant, and turn that classic shade of golden-brown. This is normal, so don’t panic! There aren’t many things that you need to do to your lawn, but there are a few that can keep your lawn safe until the spring.

winter lanscaping

Do You Know How To Care For Your Lawn In Winter?

Prepare in Fall

Generally speaking, the Fall time is the best time to prepare your grass for winter. While it might be a bit late in the season, you can always be ready for next season. In the Fall, prepare your grass by cutting it down shorter gradually, so that it will be short and hardy before Winter begins. This will prevent too much of the grass from freezing, and will ensure your lawn doesn’t become an easy place to nest for cold pests!

Spot Treat Winter Weeds

The nice thing about having grass that goes dormant in the winter, is that winter weeds are going to be very easy to spot. Winter weeds will be bright green in the cold months, which is the ideal time for you to spot treat them with the proper weed-killer. (Make sure to choose one that doesn’t kill grass!)

Don’t Walk On The Grass

Make sure that you keep your grass as free from pressure as possible. It may be brittle from the cold, and susceptible to breaking or damage. Don’t walk on it unless you need to, and make sure nothing is left on your yard, such as toys, rocks, or vehicles.

If you need help with any of your landscaping needs, don’t hesitate to give our team a call at  (817) 396-0125 for fast and affordable services!

Why You Need Hardscaping

Designing and building an elegant landscape outside your home or business is not always all about the plants. While the greenery is a big part of landscaping, there is a second part that ties everything together to create a functional space in your landscaping. This second element is call hardscaping. Hardscaping is the heavier elements in the landscaping. It can include driveways, stone pathways, stone walls or other solid elements. If you’re interested in learning about the types and styles of hardscape materials, MDM Landscapes offers services to install and replace hardscaping.

What Does Hardscaping Do?

Garden with Hardscaping

Hardscape Materials Make Great Patios and Outdoor Living Spaces.

Hardscaping is important to the design of any outdoor space. First, it creates an extra living space. Often times hardscape materials take on the form of a patio, which creates a place for people to gather and enjoy the natural beauty of the plants and other elements of the landscape. Second, it breaks up the landscaping. Without some hardscape elements, such as walls and pathways, a well designed garden will look like nothing more than a field or forest. Hardscaping creates breaks and helps you understand the function of the space. Finally, the heavier materials provide landscaping design options for areas of high drought and heat. Green plants need a lot of water. Hardscape materials don’t require water, but it can still create a unique appearance in your outdoor living spaces.

If you’re interested in learning about the benefits and uses of hardscapes, contact the office of MDM Landscapes at 817-396-0125. We are here to help you design the perfect landscaping for your home or business.

3 Benefits of a Flowerbed

Residential Flowerbed Granbury

Flowerbeds Improve Physical and Mental Health

Any landscape project takes preparation and dedication. Flowerbeds, in particular, are a very appealing landscaping project that many homeowners covet. The problem however is that sometimes the task might seem too overwhelming to complete yourself. MDM Landscapes offers flowerbed installation in Granbury and Aledo, TX. If you are wondering about the advantages of flowerbed installation, check out these 3 benefits:

Environmental Aid

In the modern age, most homeowners are more environmentally conscious than ever before. But did you know that flowerbeds can actually improve the air quality around your property? This is a process known as photosynthesis. Not only will this help the environment, but it will provide relaxing scents in your yard as you relax after work or on the weekend. Flower roots also assist with soil condition and prevent corrosion and damage.

Physical & Mental Health

Studies show that gardening activities improve both physical and mental health for human beings. The physical aspect is obvious. To maintain a flowerbed, bending, digging and watering is necessary. The mental aspect is more subtle. Studies indicate that being around natural landscapes like flowerbeds reduces stress and creates a more positive outlook on life. After all, we are designed to relate to our natural habitat.

Resale Value

While you might not be moving any time soon, your home is one of your primary financial assets, and anytime you can increase its value, you should take the opportunity. If you know anybody in the real estate business, they will tell you that prospective buyers pay extra special attention to the condition of the lawn, as well as to appealing lawn features. Landscaping has a distinct aesthetic appeal on homebuyers. Call 817-396-0125 for flowerbed installation in Granbury and Aledo, TX.

4 Undeniable Methods for Efficient Sprinklers

Sprinkler OptimizationWe all want beautiful, lush, green lawns. But sometimes, especially in the Summer months, water bills can be downright outrageous due to watering. Of course, many of us know the basic watering rules like watering in the morning for optimal retention and adjusting your sprinkler timers and sensors to run only when needed, but there are many strategies that are just as helpful and less common. Here, we examine 4 undeniable ways of saving water and still delivering proper irrigation to your lawn.

Water Distribution Tests

This is much simpler than it sounds and involves placing small cups or containers around your lawn. Run your sprinklers for the usual time and check the containers to ensure your water is being distributed where and how you need it. If not, simply adjust the sprinkler heads for optimal water delivery.

Divide Your Yard by Watering Schedule

This solution may take a little more work and involvement. Each type of plant and flower needs a different level of water to thrive. Try to keep foliage with similar water requirements together within your yard to make water distribution easier and more efficient.

Consider a Drip

For flowerbeds, tree beds, and gardens, drip irrigation systems are an inexpensive way to deliver water straight to the root with absolutely no runoff or evaporation. These systems can be a simple hose bought at a lawn and garden store or a professionally installed underground system. Either method provides optimal water retention and usage for areas with high watering requirements.

Recycle the Rain

As one of the most environmentally friendly methods of watering, rain collection through downspouts and gutter systems can save you extensive watering fees. In areas with heavy rain, this system can potentially save hundreds throughout the year.

We all want to save a little money while still having green, vibrant yards. Have it both ways with these simple steps. When you need expert lawn or irrigation care, call the experts at MDM Landscapes for a lawn evaluation.

3 Benefits of Mulch

MDM Landscape Trucks Lined Up as Landscapers Present the Benefits of Mulch

Mulch Prevents Weed Buildup and Enhances Soil

Homeowners know that a well taken care of lawn can be a visual enhancement to the entire property. But maintaining a healthy lawn takes hard work and dedication. Preventing Weed buildup, and improving soil health are two major factors in keeping a lawn healthy. One of the best ways to monitor your soil is with mulch application. At MDM Lawncare, we provide professional mulch application for homeowners in Granbury, TX and Aledo, TX. Here are 3 benefits of mulch for residents:

Moisture Prevention

For trees to properly grow, they need a substantial source of moisture. One of the primary benefits of mulch is that it traps moisture and condenses it for trees to access. This helps keep trees healthy and allows them to acquire nutrients for leaf development. Furthermore, mulch application traps heat which is very valuable during the hot Texas summers.

Visual Enhancement

Professionally applied mulch can make a pronounced visual impression on neighbors and passer-by’s. The color looks richer, the soil and grass looks healthier, and it is just an all in all aesthetically pleasing presentation for residents, and their surrounding area. Aesthetic enhancement is a primary advantage of mulch.

Weed Prevention

One of the signs of a poorly maintained lawn is weed buildup. These plant growths are ugly to look at, and can also eat away at essential parts of your lawn. After applying mulch, weeds are unable to form in the soil and therefore become a threat to your lawn. Call 817-396-0125 for mulch application in Grabury and Aledo, TX.

How Landscaping Can Benefit the Value and Look of Your Property

How Landscaping Can Benefit the Value and Look of Your Property

Landscaping Can Benefit Your Property In Numerous Ways.

It might not seem like landscaping could benefit the look and value of your property, but it really is a valuable service to consider. While some people choose to look at landscaping as an unnecessary service, there are more ways it can benefit you and your home. Below are ways landscaping can benefit the value and look of your property.

Energy Savings

Now how in the world can landscaping help with energy savings? When trees are strategically planted, they are able to provide shade that can decrease heating and cooling expenses.


Gates or fences are great ways to ensure you have privacy, but placing shrubs or plants can not only provide shade, but they can also add extra privacy to your home.

Prevent House Intruders

Again, it might not seem like landscaping can benefit homeowners from deterring intruders, but certain plants add more safety to your home. Think of prickly bushes by windows. They don’t feel very good, so chances are burglars aren’t going to find them comfortable either.

Enhance Beauty

Painting a house or introducing new accessories to your home can improve the look of your home, but plants, flower, and trees can really enhance the look of your property.

Retaining Walls

This can be an expensive thing to install but in the end very worth it. Retaining walls are used for aesthetic purposes, as well as keeping certain plans away from each other. They add a little extra something that will bring positive attention to your home.

If you need landscaping services in Aledo or Granbury, TX, please call MDM Landscapes at 817-396-0125 today.



Lawn Preparation for Summer

summer lawn

A properly prepped summer lawn is a treat for the whole family.

You’ll want to do plenty to get your lawn ready for summer. Aside from the visual appeal of a summer lawn, the season begs for outdoor get-togethers and barbecues. Your mower will, of course, begin to get a weekly workout. Aside from that, you have plenty to do to get your lawn ready for the season. Follow these tips below to cover all your bases.

Clean it Up

Your summer lawn deserves a good freshening for the season. Pick up any debris, especially sticks, limbs, or rocks that may impede your mower. You should also keep an eye out for thatch. Thatch is the accumulated dead grass that gathers near the soil. It you don’t get rid of thatch, it will impede your efforts to water and fertilize your lawn.

Reseed and Fertilize

If you have bald patches in your lawn, you’ll want to mix seeds with soil and sprinkle it about thoroughly. Make sure to water afterwards to ensure that the grass grows. Even if you don’t reseed, consider the benefits of fertilizing your lawn. This will help the grass that you do have grow strong and green.

Mow and Deep-Water

When you mow your summer lawn, make sure to keep it fairly high. This discourages the growth of weeds, and encourages a lusher lawn. After you mow, you can deep-water your lawn. You want the water to get about five inches below the surface of the ground to adequately hit the roots.

If all this prep seems daunting, consider the benefits of professional help. For service with a summer lawn in Granbury, TX, call MDM Landscapes at 817-396-0125.

What’s Hurting My Lawn?

What's hurting my lawn

Learn to love your lawn again, with MDM Landscapes!

When it comes to lawn care, not everyone has a green thumb, but that’s okay! That’s why you have professionals like MDM Landscapes to help you out. Today we will outline a few issues that can pop up in lawn care. These tips are great for DIY lawn projects, but if you’d rather have the professionals save the day, don’t hesitate to give us a cal!

Below are some common mistakes homeowners make when treating their lawns:

Incorrect Mowing

Before you send your teenager out to the lawn to learn the value of hard work, make sure your lawn mower is at the correct setting. Mowing your grass too short can cause stress to the yard, and cause it to regrow incorrectly. You should never cut more than 1/3 of the blade of grass when mowing. Additionally, make sure all of the wheels are set at the same height, to ensure you mow evenly.

Poor Soil Composition

If you don’t have the right soil in your yard, your grass won’t stand a chance! Soil is the foundation of any great lawn, so make sure you have a quality soil composition. Have your soil tested and make sure it is the correct type of soil for your grass type. If your lawn isn’t looking too goo, your soil is the first thing to check.

Wrong Grass Species

Not all grasses are created equal. It is important to buy the right kind of grass for your region and yard type. Things such as soil, terrain, amounts of shade, and typical watering schedules will all need to play a factor in which grass you choose. If you want a beautiful lawn, you should choose the best grass for the conditions you have to offer.

Reckless Fertilization

This is one of the most common problems we see with struggling lawns. Many of the synthetic fertilizers you can get at home improvement stores are “hot”. This means that they contain nitrogen that can burn your lawn.Older fertilizer spreaders can apply fertilizer unevenly, as can newer spreaders at incorrect settings. Uneven fertilization can cause burning and discoloration. It is important to take time and care when applying fertilizer to your yard.

These are just a few of the main problems we see in most residential yards. However, there are many ways you may be accidentally hurting your lawn. If you have tried everything and you aren’t seeing the results you want, or if you’re fed up and ready for some help. Give the pros at MDM Landscapes a call at 817-944-4883 today, and let us take the stress out of caring for your lawn!

Prevent Bugs Around Your Home

Photo of prevent bugsSummer is on the way, and we all know what that means; outdoor fun, get-togethers with friends and family, and bugs! Bugs are a big downside to the arrival of summer and can really dampen your outdoor experience. While they do have their place in the ecosystem, they can be annoying and even cause you pain and itchiness when they bite. Many people do their best trying to get rid of these ridiculous pests to no avail. However, did you know there are simple ways that can help you lower the amount and even prevent bugs in and around your yard?

Ways To Prevent Bugs

#1 Turn Your Yard To A Bird Haven

Birds are one of a few natural predators to bugs. Hanging bird houses and bird feeders can attract them to your home. Since birds include bugs as a part of their diet, they can reduce the population of bugs in your back yard. Another natural predator of bugs is bats! There are also houses you can build and set to make your yard hospitable to bats as well, giving you a double dose of bug prevention.

#2 Bug Repellent Garden

Did you know plants can defend your home against bugs? Certain plants like citronella, marigolds, catnip and more give off oils and scents that prevent bugs from loitering around them. With clever planning, these plants can go to work repelling the pests and giving you a gorgeous garden to look at. 

#3 Remove Standing Water From Your Yard

This is a crucial step in your wish to prevent bugs. Make sure all sources of standing water are eliminated. Bugs adore standing water as it makes an ideal breeding ground, especially for mosquitoes. This may mean water after a rain or water that pools in the plate under your plant. Pour out or dispose of the sources promptly through a drain to prevent bugs from spawning around your home.

#4 Keep Your Yard Neat

That’s right, even unkempt grass can allow bugs to take over! High grasses and unkempt shrubbery can create an ideal home for bugs, allowing them to live in your lawn and attack at will. With maintenance and lawn care, not only will your lawn look great, but you’ll prevent bugs from finding a home in your yard.

#5 Don’t Leave Food In The Yard

Set the scene: You’re having some friends over for dinner on your patio. When you are setting up, make sure you cover all of your food. While some of the food may smell delicious to your guests, it will also smell delicious to pests. Ensuring everything has a cover will prevent bugs from getting into the food and give your friends more time to enjoy the spread.

Call Today

MDM Landscapes provides quality lawn care services for your home in Granbury, TX, Aledo, TX, and the surrounding area. If you’re ready to get your lawn ready for summer and prevent bugs from taking over your lawn, give us a call today at 817-396-0125.

5 Landscaping Design Styles To Use In Your Yard

Landscaping can be one of the best ways to add character to your home. Not only can it add character, but it is also an easy way to update your front yard. Because everyone has a different personality and home aesthetic, choosing a landscaping design is key in order to have a unique and enhanced yard. Here are five landscaping design styles to use in your yard.

5 Landscaping Design Styles To Use In Your Yard

Japanese Landscape Design

If you are into peaceful and relaxing environments, turning your front yard or backyard into a natural and beautiful oasis with a Japanese landscaping design. Water, rocks, and plants to add balance and calm to your yard.

English Landscape Design

Think of an English garden: Lots of flowers, cobblestones, benches, and wattle edging. Having an English design can make it seem like you are transported to another place and add beautiful flowers and details into the mix.

Mediterranean Landscape Design

If you live in a Mediterranean style home, what better way to add to the aesthetic than with a Meditteranean landscape design. Mediterranean styles evoke emotions of beauty and stillness, so adding elements of water, herbs, fruit plants, and other plants can give you a yard you will spend as much time in as possible.

Tropical Landscape Design

Your backyard is already like an escape, so why not turn it into a tropical escape? With a tropical landscape design, you are able to bring the tropical feel to you with palm trees, hibiscus, and Canna rhizomes all over your yard.

For landscaping services in Granbury or Aledo, TX, call MDM Lanscapes at 817-396-0125 today!