5 Landscaping Design Styles To Use In Your Yard

Landscaping can be one of the best ways to add character to your home. Not only can it add character, but it is also an easy way to update your front yard. Because everyone has a different personality and home aesthetic, choosing a landscaping design is key in order to have a unique and enhanced yard. Here are five landscaping design styles to use in your yard.

5 Landscaping Design Styles To Use In Your Yard

Japanese Landscape Design

If you are into peaceful and relaxing environments, turning your front yard or backyard into a natural and beautiful oasis with a Japanese landscaping design. Water, rocks, and plants to add balance and calm to your yard.

English Landscape Design

Think of an English garden: Lots of flowers, cobblestones, benches, and wattle edging. Having an English design can make it seem like you are transported to another place and add beautiful flowers and details into the mix.

Mediterranean Landscape Design

If you live in a Mediterranean style home, what better way to add to the aesthetic than with a Meditteranean landscape design. Mediterranean styles evoke emotions of beauty and stillness, so adding elements of water, herbs, fruit plants, and other plants can give you a yard you will spend as much time in as possible.

Tropical Landscape Design

Your backyard is already like an escape, so why not turn it into a tropical escape? With a tropical landscape design, you are able to bring the tropical feel to you with palm trees, hibiscus, and Canna rhizomes all over your yard.

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