Hardscape Installation and Repair

Hardscape Services in Granbury & AledoMDM Landscapes offers professional hardscape installation and repair in Granbury and Aledo, TX. Whatever your hardscape elements may be, and whatever materials are in use, we are sure to have the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to install or replace your hardscape on time and within budget. Schedule your appointment for your consultation by giving us a call (817) 396-0125.

Hardscape refers to hard materials used in landscape design that are typically inanimate and often manmade. The structures that are incorporated into the natural landscape, such as a driveway, paved area, retaining wall, or anything made of concrete or stone etc. “Softscape”, by comparison, refers to the natural elements of horticulture in the landscape. Wood, while natural, is also considered to be hardscape.

Hardscape features allow for the creation of elements that wouldn’t be possible in nature due to shifting or soil erosion. They are perfect for traffic-bearing areas that would otherwise lead to dead grass or worn earth.

Advantages and Drawbacks

Hardscape elements don’t require mowing, fertilizing, pruning, trimming, or other preventative maintenance like living elements will, which makes them very attractive to many busy homeowners looking to redesign their landscape.

Drainage is a concern with hardscape features, as the lack of soil makes absorption less likely. It’s important to ensure enough capacity for water or other runoff, particularly after large storms, to avoid damage to the landscape.

Because of the variety of materials and applications in hardscape, a number of tools can be required for a given project. MDM Landscapes has all the tools and experience needed to ensure your hardscape is installed or repaired professionally and within budget. If you need hardscape services in Granbury and Aledo, TX, we’re here for you!

Examples of Hardscape

  • Brick Paths and Patios
  • Concrete Patios
  • Flagstone Patios and Walkways
  • Gazebos
  • Gravel Paths
  • Stone Retaining Walls
  • Stone Steps and Walkways
  • Tile Patios

Even water features are considered hardscape. While certainly counter-intuitive, water features such as ponds or fountains (whether made of concrete, stone, or ceramic) are considered hardscape because they include hard structures like banks or even stone walls.

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