Retaining Wall Installation

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We Install and Repair Retaining Walls

MDM Landscapes offers professional retaining wall installation or repair in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX. If you have a retaining wall that needs maintenance or simply need landscaping or hardscape services, please give us a call today in 817-396-0125.

Retaining walls are designed to restrain soil, usually to a shape not found in nature like an unnatural slope or change in elevation. They serve as a barrier for soil at different elevations and help shape areas of a landscape for more aesthetically pleasing purposes, or to better use that space for leisure. When you need retaining walls for your commercial property, apartment complex, or residential development, we are the team to call.

More About Retaining Walls

Retaining walls wage a constant battle against gravity, often holding tons of earth at bay and keeping it from spilling out onto your landscape. They’re great for terraces or to add an additional level of privacy. There is a variety of retaining walls to suit a variety of purposes and tastes, but they each combat massive amounts of pressure.

Gravity retaining walls rely on their mass of concrete, stone, or other heavy material to resist the forces of pressure, and may be leaning back toward the restrained soil to help counteract this force. Much smaller gravity retaining walls can be made without the use of mortar, and are referred to as “dry-stacked” walls. These walls are more flexible than their counterparts, though not capable of restraining larger amounts of dirt.

Cantilevered Walls

Cantilevered walls have a beam of concrete that is reinforced with steel, often in the shape of an upside-down “T”. These walls transfer the pressure to a large footing, which converts the horizontal pressure from the dirt, to vertical pressure on the ground. These walls need strong concrete footings beneath the soil, but can hold great amounts of pressure and generally require less material than a gravity wall of comparable size.


Anchored retaining walls can be constructed in many styles, but also feature additional load-bearing cables or rods stationed in the rock behind the wall. The anchors are typically driven into the wall and then expanded at the end, forming a bulb at the end of the cable in the soil. This ensures a tight grab for maximum load-bearing capabilities.

If you need a retaining wall installation or repair in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, please call MDM Landscapes today at 817-396-0125We are the company to call when your commercial property, apartment complex, or whole residential development needs retaining wall installation in the DFW area.