Prevent Bugs Around Your Home

Photo of prevent bugsSummer is on the way, and we all know what that means; outdoor fun, get-togethers with friends and family, and bugs! Bugs are a big downside to the arrival of summer and can really dampen your outdoor experience. While they do have their place in the ecosystem, they can be annoying and even cause you pain and itchiness when they bite. Many people do their best trying to get rid of these ridiculous pests to no avail. However, did you know there are simple ways that can help you lower the amount and even prevent bugs in and around your yard?

Ways To Prevent Bugs

#1 Turn Your Yard To A Bird Haven

Birds are one of a few natural predators to bugs. Hanging bird houses and bird feeders can attract them to your home. Since birds include bugs as a part of their diet, they can reduce the population of bugs in your back yard. Another natural predator of bugs is bats! There are also houses you can build and set to make your yard hospitable to bats as well, giving you a double dose of bug prevention.

#2 Bug Repellent Garden

Did you know plants can defend your home against bugs? Certain plants like citronella, marigolds, catnip and more give off oils and scents that prevent bugs from loitering around them. With clever planning, these plants can go to work repelling the pests and giving you a gorgeous garden to look at. 

#3 Remove Standing Water From Your Yard

This is a crucial step in your wish to prevent bugs. Make sure all sources of standing water are eliminated. Bugs adore standing water as it makes an ideal breeding ground, especially for mosquitoes. This may mean water after a rain or water that pools in the plate under your plant. Pour out or dispose of the sources promptly through a drain to prevent bugs from spawning around your home.

#4 Keep Your Yard Neat

That’s right, even unkempt grass can allow bugs to take over! High grasses and unkempt shrubbery can create an ideal home for bugs, allowing them to live in your lawn and attack at will. With maintenance and lawn care, not only will your lawn look great, but you’ll prevent bugs from finding a home in your yard.

#5 Don’t Leave Food In The Yard

Set the scene: You’re having some friends over for dinner on your patio. When you are setting up, make sure you cover all of your food. While some of the food may smell delicious to your guests, it will also smell delicious to pests. Ensuring everything has a cover will prevent bugs from getting into the food and give your friends more time to enjoy the spread.

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