Lawn Care Services in Granbury and Aledo, TX

poppy flowerMDM Landscapes provide professional landscaping and lawn care services in Granbury and Aledo, TX and we’d be happy to take care of your lawn as well. So be sure to give us a call (817) 396-0125.

What would it be like if you could enjoy your family, and not have to spend time taking care of your lawn? The tasks of mowing and weed eating can drain your energy! Let’s not forget maintenance and gas for your mower. How can you get a beautifully manicured and maintained lawn without ever having to lay a hand on lawn mowers or other equipment? Well, that’s where MDM Landscapes comes in!

We will cut the front and back yard. We then edge along your sidewalks and driveway area while using the trimmer to cut away other high grassy areas. Last but not least, we blow away grass to give your yard a clean look.

Our weekly service is advisable. However, we do have a bi-weekly service that is also available. Scheduling your lawn service on the same day each week will help maintain your lawn and keep it looking beautiful.

  • Commercial Lawn Care and Mowing Our weekly and bi-weekly maintenance services also apply to commercial landscapes and lawns. We will happily keep your place of business green and healthy, making sure your customers and employees are happy.
  • Fertilizer Application We specialize in sustainable fertilizer methods, ensuring returned growth year after year through maintained soil fertility. You won’t ever have to worry about nutrients lock or over-feeding problems with MDM Landscapes. We guarantee a happy, healthy lawn year-round!
  • French Drains If you find yourself with a wet basement or a soggy lawn after a rainfall, a french drain may be just the thing that you need. Give our pros a call to see which type would best suit you.
  • Grass and Sod installation Installing fresh sod in a professional, detail-oriented manner can be time-consuming. We are happy to install sod on your lawn quickly and efficiently, ensuring no visible seams or abrupt changes in soil elevation. We guarantee maximum uniformity, for the most beautiful landscape imaginable.
  • Residential Lawn Care and Mowing We can provide lawn mowing and maintenance services regularly, on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Regular lawn maintenance helps ensure vigorous, healthy growth throughout the season, which in turn provides an aesthetically full and pleasing landscape.
  • Soil Aeration Services Proper soil aeration is one of the key components to having the luscious yard you’ve always dreamed of. It helps the nutrients be disbursed to all parts of the grass, from te root to the tip.

If you need these or any other lawn care services in Granbury and Aledo, TX, please call MDM Landscapes today at (817) 396-0125.