Winter Lawn Care Tips For Your Grass

In the winter months, many Texas lawns go dormant, and turn that classic shade of golden-brown. This is normal, so don’t panic! There aren’t many things that you need to do to your lawn, but there are a few that can keep your lawn safe until the spring.

winter lanscaping

Do You Know How To Care For Your Lawn In Winter?

Prepare in Fall

Generally speaking, the Fall time is the best time to prepare your grass for winter. While it might be a bit late in the season, you can always be ready for next season. In the Fall, prepare your grass by cutting it down shorter gradually, so that it will be short and hardy before Winter begins. This will prevent too much of the grass from freezing, and will ensure your lawn doesn’t become an easy place to nest for cold pests!

Spot Treat Winter Weeds

The nice thing about having grass that goes dormant in the winter, is that winter weeds are going to be very easy to spot. Winter weeds will be bright green in the cold months, which is the ideal time for you to spot treat them with the proper weed-killer. (Make sure to choose one that doesn’t kill grass!)

Don’t Walk On The Grass

Make sure that you keep your grass as free from pressure as possible. It may be brittle from the cold, and susceptible to breaking or damage. Don’t walk on it unless you need to, and make sure nothing is left on your yard, such as toys, rocks, or vehicles.

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