Spring Lawn Preparation

Spring is coming. Is your landscape ready for it? Your yard and plants don’t suddenly burst with life when spring hits. They need help and care. Here are just a few of the many tips for spring lawn preparation that you can apply to your landscaping.

Flower and Plant Bed Lawn

We Perform Spring Lawn Preparation.

Plant Bulbs

Bulbs are some of the easiest ways to jump start new plant growth. Just put them in the ground, make sure they have enough water and fertilizer, and then let them grow. There are innumerable plants you could add to your landscaping with just some bulbs.

Lay Mulch

The best time to apply new mulch is just before new plants begin to rise to the surface. Remove your old mulch and put new stuff down. Good mulch retains water and fertilizer to aid your plants, and applying early is a great way to start your landscape off for spring.

Plant Grass

Early spring is the best time to plant new grass seed. Plant your grass seed early to save water and prevent the seeds from struggling in the hot sun. You can plant before winter, but the grass will need time to get established in order to survive winter. Early spring means green grass through the rest of spring, and in summer.

Prune Plants

Start pruning your plants. Pruning is an often-neglected part of landscaping all year. But, for many plants, pruning helps improve growth. Removing the dying parts of plants also helps your landscaping look better in general.

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