Lawn Preparation for Summer

summer lawn

A properly prepped summer lawn is a treat for the whole family.

You’ll want to do plenty to get your lawn ready for summer. Aside from the visual appeal of a summer lawn, the season begs for outdoor get-togethers and barbecues. Your mower will, of course, begin to get a weekly workout. Aside from that, you have plenty to do to get your lawn ready for the season. Follow these tips below to cover all your bases.

Clean it Up

Your summer lawn deserves a good freshening for the season. Pick up any debris, especially sticks, limbs, or rocks that may impede your mower. You should also keep an eye out for thatch. Thatch is the accumulated dead grass that gathers near the soil. It you don’t get rid of thatch, it will impede your efforts to water and fertilize your lawn.

Reseed and Fertilize

If you have bald patches in your lawn, you’ll want to mix seeds with soil and sprinkle it about thoroughly. Make sure to water afterwards to ensure that the grass grows. Even if you don’t reseed, consider the benefits of fertilizing your lawn. This will help the grass that you do have grow strong and green.

Mow and Deep-Water

When you mow your summer lawn, make sure to keep it fairly high. This discourages the growth of weeds, and encourages a lusher lawn. After you mow, you can deep-water your lawn. You want the water to get about five inches below the surface of the ground to adequately hit the roots.

If all this prep seems daunting, consider the benefits of professional help. For service with a summer lawn in Granbury, TX, call MDM Landscapes at 817-396-0125.