3 Benefits of Mulch

MDM Landscape Trucks Lined Up as Landscapers Present the Benefits of Mulch

Mulch Prevents Weed Buildup and Enhances Soil

Homeowners know that a well taken care of lawn can be a visual enhancement to the entire property. But maintaining a healthy lawn takes hard work and dedication. Preventing Weed buildup, and improving soil health are two major factors in keeping a lawn healthy. One of the best ways to monitor your soil is with mulch application. At MDM Lawncare, we provide professional mulch application for homeowners in Granbury, TX and Aledo, TX. Here are 3 benefits of mulch for residents:

Moisture Prevention

For trees to properly grow, they need a substantial source of moisture. One of the primary benefits of mulch is that it traps moisture and condenses it for trees to access. This helps keep trees healthy and allows them to acquire nutrients for leaf development. Furthermore, mulch application traps heat which is very valuable during the hot Texas summers.

Visual Enhancement

Professionally applied mulch can make a pronounced visual impression on neighbors and passer-by’s. The color looks richer, the soil and grass looks healthier, and it is just an all in all aesthetically pleasing presentation for residents, and their surrounding area. Aesthetic enhancement is a primary advantage of mulch.

Weed Prevention

One of the signs of a poorly maintained lawn is weed buildup. These plant growths are ugly to look at, and can also eat away at essential parts of your lawn. After applying mulch, weeds are unable to form in the soil and therefore become a threat to your lawn. CallĀ 817-396-0125 for mulch application in Grabury and Aledo, TX.