4 Undeniable Methods for Efficient Sprinklers

Sprinkler OptimizationWe all want beautiful, lush, green lawns. But sometimes, especially in the Summer months, water bills can be downright outrageous due to watering. Of course, many of us know the basic watering rules like watering in the morning for optimal retention and adjusting your sprinkler timers and sensors to run only when needed, but there are many strategies that are just as helpful and less common. Here, we examine 4 undeniable ways of saving water and still delivering proper irrigation to your lawn.

Water Distribution Tests

This is much simpler than it sounds and involves placing small cups or containers around your lawn. Run your sprinklers for the usual time and check the containers to ensure your water is being distributed where and how you need it. If not, simply adjust the sprinkler heads for optimal water delivery.

Divide Your Yard by Watering Schedule

This solution may take a little more work and involvement. Each type of plant and flower needs a different level of water to thrive. Try to keep foliage with similar water requirements together within your yard to make water distribution easier and more efficient.

Consider a Drip

For flowerbeds, tree beds, and gardens, drip irrigation systems are an inexpensive way to deliver water straight to the root with absolutely no runoff or evaporation. These systems can be a simple hose bought at a lawn and garden store or a professionally installed underground system. Either method provides optimal water retention and usage for areas with high watering requirements.

Recycle the Rain

As one of the most environmentally friendly methods of watering, rain collection through downspouts and gutter systems can save you extensive watering fees. In areas with heavy rain, this system can potentially save hundreds throughout the year.

We all want to save a little money while still having green, vibrant yards. Have it both ways with these simple steps. When you need expert lawn or irrigation care, call the experts at MDM Landscapes for a lawn evaluation.