What Does Lawn Care Consist Of?

Watering Your Lawn Properly for Adequate Lawn Care

Caring For Your Lawn Year Round

Now that summer is in full effect, you may be looking at your lawn wondering what needs to be done. There may be some brown patches and maybe a few bald patches, but overall the yard looks pretty good. You may think nothing else needs to be done but there is actually so much more you can do to improve your yard. Lawn care in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX is incredibly important. With how hot and humid our summers can get, taking care of your lawn is critical. If you need any help or have any questions, call MDM Landscapes at 817-396-0125.

Raking Leaves is a Great Way to Maintain Lawn Care

Are Lawn Care Services Worth it?

Many homeowners wonder if lawn care services are worth the money and the answer is, they are. Depending on your level of maintenance knowledge, hiring a professional team to maintain your yard and perform other landscaping services in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX can be a sound investment. Lawn care services are meant to help keep your yard looking consistent. That is great for those that live in areas with strict HOA’s. These services will also help guarantee you have a quality looking lawn that is also healthy. Lawn care teams help to take the guesswork out of figuring out how much fertilizer to use or how often you need to water your lawn. They do everything so you can have the peace of mind knowing your lawn is in a good and healthy condition.

How to Maintain Your Lawn in the Spring and Summer

Though summer is in full swing at this point, knowing how to care for your lawn in any condition is important information. Understanding which lawn care is best for which season will prevent you from making mistakes that could lead to a less than appealing lawn. Knowing when to water, fertilize, and when to just take a break will help you maintain a healthy and vibrant lawn.

  • Lawn Care Equipment: Check all your lawn care equipment like your hoses, lawn mowers, and more. Make sure everything is properly tuned and able to function efficiently.
  • Water, Water, Water: The only way for your lawn to grow and thrive is to water it. It’s important to not overwater, but making sure the soil is always moist will ensure a consistently healthy and growing lawn.
  • Seed and Weed: Fill in any bare patches with seedlings to begin any regrowth process. While your at it, take some time to remove any weeds as well. Doing so will help make sure your lawn will start to look good year round.
  • Keep the Trimmings: When you are done mowing the lawn, don’t bag up or blow away the trimmings. Those trimmings contain great nutrients your lawn needs, like nitrogen and more. 
  • Wait to Fertilize: It can seem like spring is the best time to fertilize, but that is not true. Fertilizing in the spring can lead to rapid growth, which can result in burning and wilting when the weather heats up. Wait to fertilize in the cooler seasons. 

Lawn Care vs Landscaping

Is there a difference between lawn care and landscaping? There actually is. There is also quite a bit of overlap, but generally speaking, these are two separate services. Lawn care can be described as the process of caring for and maintaining the health of a yard. While landscaping still cares for the health, but the ultimate goal is to enhance the appearance through grass, plant, stone, and wood work. Like adding a concrete driveway installation to give your yard a different look. Either service still strives to maintain the health of your lawn, but lawn care will specifically and solely focus on reviving or maintaining the overall condition of your residential lawn. Landscaping will be to enhance to natural beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you prepare your lawn for winter?
    • Keep up with your usual maintenance, like mowing the lawn, watering, weeding, and raking leaves. You can also use fertilizer to promote future growth, even in the harsher, colder climate.
  • What should you treat your lawn with in the spring?
    • Fertilizer and seeds. If there are any bald or rough patches of grass, don’t be afraid to overseed the area. You can always trim back any excess, but treating wilting or bald areas will help prevent widespread damage throughout your lawn.
  • How do I revive my lawn?
    • Rake and remove any dead grass and roughen up the soil. Make it ready to plant new seeds with lawn care equipment, such as a lawn roller. If you don’t have that, gentle even paced steps will work just as well. Then just keep the area watered and fertilized to help promote growth. 
  • How often should I treat my lawn?
    • For most lawns, using fertilizer once or twice a year will be plenty to keep your lawn looking healthy and green. Now, when you need to apply the fertilizer will depend on the climate in your area. More than that, the type of grass you have will dictate when and how often you need to treat your lawn.
  • Can I over fertilize my lawn?
    • Yes you can! Overfertilization causes a build up of salt in the soil. Too much salt will actually result in a drying effect which can ultimately kill more of your grass. This is called “fertilizer burn.” Fertilizer burn isn’t always fatal, but it can be difficult to tell if your lawn will recover or not. 
Lawn Care Completed by Mowing the Lawn

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