Protecting Your Home From Costly Tree Damage

A Large Tree Collapsed on Top of a Home Roof

Careful Pruning and Maintenance Can Help You Prevent Catastrophic Property Damage.

If you’ve ever seen a tree collapsed on top of a home, you’ll understand how much damage an unkempt tree can cause. Regular pruning and general maintenance can help you protect your home from these disasters. If you’re not sure how to get started, here’s a quick guide to help you out!

Avoiding Tree Related Property Damage

There are many potential ways a tree can damage your home, such as…

  • Dropping Limbs on Your Roof
  • Collapsing on the Side of the House
  • Causing Soil Shifting Around Your Foundation
  • Rupturing Underground Pipes
  • Dropping Debris Inside Your Gutters

You can begin your tree care by pruning away dead limbs or those extended over your roof. This will improve the health of your tree while simultaneously reducing the potential for rooftop damage. Untrimmed branches could lead to costly roof repair after the next wind storm. You’ll also find that pruned trees are much more attractive than their counterparts.

Can Tree Roots Damage a House Foundation?

Roots however, are an entirely different story. If allowed to grow too close to the house, a tree root can destabilize the soil surrounding your foundation. This can lead to shifting that can seriously crack your foundation.

Tree roots also have the nasty habit of invading pipes, such as your sewer or main water line. It’s not unusually to see roots press against pipes until they crack, then grow into the pipe itself to form a clog. To guard your plumbing and your foundation, make sure your trees are planted far enough away from your house, or have the roots cut back by a professional.

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