How to Conserve Water This Summer


Keeping Your Garden Healthy and Hydrated Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive.

Summers here in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX can be hard on gardens. In order to keep your plants and flowers at their best and most beautiful, you may think you will need to water them more. However, this can lead to high water bills and may not be the best way to keep your plants healthy. There are a few ways you can improve your gardens utilization of water without watching your water bill soar. We have compiled some quality tips for your garden so that you can conserve and grow.

Water Conservation Tips

  • Plan Your Plants – Different plants have different needs. When choosing plants for your garden, take the time to consider its particular water needs. Try to select plants that either has low water needs or are native to your region. These plants will be able to work with the heat and natural rainfall to thrive.
  • Mulch It UpMulching provides a plethora of benefits for gardens, including helping your plant conserve water better. Mulch will prevent water loss, meaning your plants can best utilize the amount of water you have given them with minimal loss. Also, mulch can prevent weeds from springing up and stealing the water your garden needs.
  • Use Porous Stonework – When designing paths through your landscape or garden, try to choose materials or stones that will allow rain to pass through into the ground. This will allow that water to redistribute to your plants, minimizing the amount you need to spray them down and allowing them to flourish.

Your home or business can have and maintain a beautiful garden this summer while conserving water! Want more tips or to get started on your new landscaping look? MDM Landscapes provides you with quality landscaping and services in Godley, TX. Reach out to our experts for your landscaping needs by dialing 817-396-0125.