Do Landscaping Services Increase Property Value?

Tree Care and Other Landscaping Services Can Help Boost A Home’s Property Value

Ever pass by a street where all the yards are lush and green, then there is that one house with the brown, overgrown yard? It really throws the whole dynamic, aesthetic, and cohesive look of the neighborhood off. Lawn maintenance not only shows that you care about your house, but it can also be safety measure, showing that someone is actively home and living there, preventing burglars. While extensive landscaping services can get expensive, there are some basic lawn maintenance skills and affordable lawn service companies who can help you get a nice looking yard. For landscaping services in Godley, TX, call MDM Landscapes at 817-396-0125 today.

Benefits of Standard Lawn Care

According to a 2018 National Association of REALTORS Value Survey, randomized REALTORS members ranked that they found lawn care to be the most appealing and the most likely added benefit to a home’s resale value. Landscaping can be as simple as applying mulch, mowing, pruning, or planting a garden. It not only gives you a hobby and responsibility, but it significantly increases resale value. 74% of realtors have suggested getting a landscaping service job before selling a home. 17% of homeowners have reported that getting the lawn makeover helped them complete the sell.

Increase Property Value with Tree Care

While it might take a few years to see your results, planting trees not only spruce up your bare yard, but help to provide shade, cooling, and fun outdoor play areas for your children. Should you need removal of an overgrown or dead tree, require professional assistance as this job is dangerous.

Local Landscaping Professionals

Based on the results of this study, lawn maintenance and landscaping services will drastically help you when you put your house up for sale. The rich aesthetics of your new lawn draws in potential buyers… and helps seal the deal! If you don’t have a green thumb or like the outdoors filled with UV rays and insects, there are plenty of landscaping services available to call for help. If you are looking to put your home on the market and need landscaping services in the Godley, TX area, call MDM Landscapes at 817-396-0125 today.