Tree Trimming and Pruning

A Picture of a Man Trimming a Tree.

Professional Trimming and Pruning in DFW

MDM Landscapes can professionally maintain the look and health of your landscape and trees. If you need tree pruning or tree trimming in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, please call us today! 817-396-0125.

Tree trimming is important as it keeps the growth of the tree in good condition. If there are overgrown branches or tree foliage, trimming back the trees will help the tree get enough sunlight, water, as well as keep it looking more kept. This type of tree care service needs to be performed twice a year in order to keep the aesthetic of the tree looking beautiful and healthy.

Pruning promotes health through the removal of dead or dying branches. Branches that have been diseased or have suffered heavy infestation from insects can have detrimental effects on a plant if not removed. Branches that have experienced physical trauma from rubbing together, or removing branch stubs that can cause problems will help your plant look healthy and grow vigorously.

To make an appointment for tree pruning or tree trimming in the DFW area, call us today!

Our Tree Trimming and Pruning Services

We will help maintain the beauty of your trees by

  • Controlling plant sizes and shapes
  • Keeping plants in proper proportion
  • Keeping plants dense
  • Removing unwanted or dead branches
  • Potentially dangerous tree limbs

We can remove any overhanging limbs that can pose a threat to people or property or plants that might interfere with lights or electrical wires. We can employ a variety of trimming methods, including:

  • Crown Thinning – Thinning involves removing certain branches throughout the top of the tree to promote health and proper form by allowing more light and air to pass to the interior branches.
  • Crown Raising – By removing lower branches on developing trees, you can allow for extra clearance for lawnmowers or other equipment.
  • Crown Reduction – This involves removing larger branches at the top of a tree to reduce the height and weight.
  • Crown Cleaning Removing selected dead, dying, or diseased branches from the crown.

We offer professional and experienced tree pruning and tree trimming in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX. If you’re landscape needs maintenance, please call MDM Landscapes today at 817-396-0125 for our other landscaping services.