Drainage and French Drain Repair

Drainage & French Drains in Granbury & Aledo

We at MDM Landscapes are able to take care of any type of drainage or french drain repair and installation in Granbury or Aledo, TX that you may need. (817) 396-0125 is the number to call!

Drainage of your yard is absolutely necessary in some locations. Accumulated water can have devastating effects on buildings and foundations, and many of these problems can be avoided altogether with adequate drainage.

We will work to assess the problems, including:

  • Determining the source – Many times, it is clear where the source of the water is. It could be from a slope overlooking the property, or a depression where water can collect. Excess roof water with inadequate drainage can be a problem as well.
  • Locate cables – It’s important to locate all buried utility and gas lines to avoid further damaging your property, and we will be sure to call the local utility providers and ensure the locations of every line in the vicinity before our shovels touch the dirt.

Types of drainage systems

  • Bog Planting – Plants are a wonderful solution for excess water in smaller amounts. There are a variety of decorative species that are adapted for bog conditions and will hold extra water without incident.
  • Grassy Swale – A swale is a section of your yard which we carefully grade, or slope, to direct the flow of water. Swales aren’t generally obvious and will help water to dissipate across a wider area. Or to an area with designated “bog plants”.

French Drain

A french drain is the most common drainage system for outdoors. Designs vary, but the underlying principle is the same in all french drains. A pipe is perforated along its entire length and buried in gravel, and then wrapped in some type of filter material to keep dirt and other particles from entering the system. The water will enter the french drain and be directed to a drain, rather than dispersed across the lawn.

If you’re experiencing water problems and are interested in drainage or french drain repair and installation in Granbury or Aledo, TX, please consider giving MDM Landscapes a call! We would be happy to help keep your lawn safe and dry. Contact us at (817) 396-0125.