Flower Installation and Maintenance

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We Plant and Care for Your Flower Beds

If you need flower installation and maintenance in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, call MDM Landscapes today! We are happy to help keep your landscape beautiful and colorful. Be sure to give us a call today at 817-396-0125.

Most plants we consider decorative flowers today were originally weeds. If attractive enough, these weeds would be tolerated by farmers thanks to their appealing look. This is thought to have occurred throughout the entire history of human agriculture, creating a process of artificial selection, producing prettier and prettier flowers. This may also help to explain why flowers form symbiotic relationships with other, more useful plants; they grew together over time.

Today, most flowers are grown separately from other plants as part of aesthetic gardens. It wasn’t until the 19th century that gardens designed around flowers specifically become popular in the west. Flower gardens are an important element in landscape design today, whether for commercial properties or residential developments.

We happily design and install selections of flowers and flowerbeds in DFW to help complement the existing elements in any landscape design.


A simple alternative to a planned garden is a wildflower seed mix. This contains an assorted selection of seeds, which grows as a bed containing multiple species of flower. The blooming seasons of these flowers can vary, ensuring that there will always be at least some flowers blooming throughout most of the year.

The “flower garden in a box” has become popular as of late. These are pre-designed and pre-packaged with a layout that can be followed, helping to create a professional looking flowerbed without having a large background or much experience in landscape design. If you are interested in this type of flower installation in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, call us today.

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What To Consider

Because flowers bloom at different times throughout the year, and some die each winter, the species of flowers to be used is an important factor in designing a landscape. Maintaining blooming and color consistency throughout the year comes into account, as well as how the flowers will be physically organized in their beds.

The application of mulch, or utilizing companion planting whenever possible, can help to reduce the amount of labor upfront, and regular maintenance down the road.

Companion planting consists of growing complementary species of plants close to one another so that they can help control pests, pollinate, offer shelter, and provide food for one another. Symbiotic relationships can be found in many parts of nature, and your landscape is no different!

In addition to the other landscaping services we provide, MDM Landscapes happily provides flower installation and maintenance in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX. Pick up the phone and give us a call at 817-396-0125. We provide this type of landscape service for commercial properties, apartment complexes, and residential developments.