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Protecting Your Home From Costly Tree Damage

A Large Tree Collapsed on Top of a Home Roof

Careful Pruning and Maintenance Can Help You Prevent Catastrophic Property Damage.

If you’ve ever seen a tree collapsed on top of a home, you’ll understand how much damage an unkempt tree can cause. Regular pruning and general maintenance can help you protect your home from these disasters. If you’re not sure how to get started, here’s a quick guide to help you out!

Avoiding Tree Related Property Damage

There are many potential ways a tree can damage your home, such as…

  • Dropping Limbs on Your Roof
  • Collapsing on the Side of the House
  • Causing Soil Shifting Around Your Foundation
  • Rupturing Underground Pipes
  • Dropping Debris Inside Your Gutters

You can begin your tree care by pruning away dead limbs or those extended over your roof. This will improve the health of your tree while simultaneously reducing the potential for rooftop damage. Untrimmed branches could lead to costly roof repair after the next wind storm. You’ll also find that pruned trees are much more attractive than their counterparts.

Can Tree Roots Damage a House Foundation?

Roots however, are an entirely different story. If allowed to grow too close to the house, a tree root can destabilize the soil surrounding your foundation. This can lead to shifting that can seriously crack your foundation.

Tree roots also have the nasty habit of invading pipes, such as your sewer or main water line. It’s not unusually to see roots press against pipes until they crack, then grow into the pipe itself to form a clog. To guard your plumbing and your foundation, make sure your trees are planted far enough away from your house, or have the roots cut back by a professional.

Schedule Your Tree Pruning Today!

If you need expert assistance in caring for your trees, the courteous team at MDM Landscapes would love to serve you! Give us a call today at (817) 396-0125 and get an estimate for your professional tree trimming and pruning.

Why Does My Yard Have Standing Water?

Flooded Yard

As One Solution for a Flooded Yard, Consider the Installation of a French Drain.

If standing water regularly collects in your yard after a big storm, or if it suddenly appears out of nowhere, you have a definite issue that needs resolution. Yards should not collect water in pools, nor should water linger after a storm. The damage to your lawn aside, standing water almost always serves as an indication of another problem. At MDM Landscapes, we have the means to address standing water or a flooded yard for Grandbury and Fort Worth, TX area clients. To learn more or schedule service, give us a call today at (817) 396-0125.

Typical Reasons for a Flooded Yard

In order to identify the proper solution to your flooded yard, and begin water clean up sooner rather than later, you should familiarize yourself with the different causes of the problem.

Collected Thatch: Thatch is organic debris that naturally collects between a lawn’s grass and its soil. If you never clean your lawn of grass clippings are you mow, or rake dead leaves, these organic materials will break down and add to the layer of thatch. Too much thatch prevents water from draining naturally into the soil.

Improper Grading: When homes are constructed, the builders grade the property to allow water to drain away from the home. If this isn’t done properly, water will collect in certain areas after storms.

Burst Pipe: Homes have two major pipes that run through the front and back yards. The water line runs from the street to the home, while the wastewater line runs from the home to the sewer. If either of these crack or burst, you will find yourself with a flooded yard.

Yard Drainage Solutions

As for solutions, it depends on your issue. If a burst pipe caused the problem, then you need the service of a plumber. Most often, burst water and sewer lines develop because an old-fashioned steel pipe has corroded past the point of use. If an old, corroded pipe is indeed the reason for your soggy lawn, consider its replacement with flexible, durable PEX pipe.

If the issue has developed because of excess thatch or improper yard drainage, then the team at MDM Landscapes can help. Our lawncare services can clean your yard of thatch to enable the natural drainage of water. If grading is your issue, then a French drain represents an elegant and simple solution to your standing water problem. At MDM Landscapes, we provide solutions for issues of a flooded yard in Grandbury and Fort Worth, TX. To learn more or schedule service, call us today at (817) 396-0125.

Do Landscaping Services Increase Property Value?

Tree Care and Other Landscaping Services Can Help Boost A Home’s Property Value

Ever pass by a street where all the yards are lush and green, then there is that one house with the brown, overgrown yard? It really throws the whole dynamic, aesthetic, and cohesive look of the neighborhood off. Lawn maintenance not only shows that you care about your house, but it can also be safety measure, showing that someone is actively home and living there, preventing burglars. While extensive landscaping services can get expensive, there are some basic lawn maintenance skills and affordable lawn service companies who can help you get a nice looking yard. For landscaping services in Godley, TX, call MDM Landscapes at (817) 396-0125 today.

Benefits of Standard Lawn Care

According to a 2018 National Association of REALTORS Value Survey, randomized REALTORS members ranked that they found lawn care to be the most appealing and the most likely added benefit to a home’s resale value. Landscaping can be as simple as applying mulch, mowing, pruning, or planting a garden. It not only gives you a hobby and responsibility, but it significantly increases resale value. 74% of realtors have suggested getting a landscaping service job before selling a home. 17% of homeowners have reported that getting the lawn makeover helped them complete the sell.

Increase Property Value with Tree Care

While it might take a few years to see your results, planting trees not only spruce up your bare yard, but help to provide shade, cooling, and fun outdoor play areas for your children. Should you need removal of an overgrown or dead tree, require professional assistance as this job is dangerous.

Local Landscaping Professionals

Based on the results of this study, lawn maintenance and landscaping services will drastically help you when you put your house up for sale. The rich aesthetics of your new lawn draws in potential buyers… and helps seal the deal! If you don’t have a green thumb or like the outdoors filled with UV rays and insects, there are plenty of landscaping services available to call for help. If you are looking to put your home on the market and need landscaping services in the Godley, TX area, call MDM Landscapes at (817) 396-0125 today.

How to Conserve Water This Summer


Keeping Your Garden Healthy and Hydrated Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive.

Summers here in Grandbury and Fort Worth, TX can be hard on gardens. In order to keep your plants and flowers at their best and most beautiful, you may think you will need to water them more. However, this can lead to high water bills and may not be the best way to keep your plants healthy. There are a few ways you can improve your gardens utilization of water without watching your water bill soar. We have compiled some quality tips for your garden so that you can conserve and grow.

Water Conservation Tips

  • Plan Your Plants – Different plants have different needs. When choosing plants for your garden, take the time to consider its particular water needs. Try to select plants that either has low water needs or are native to your region. These plants will be able to work with the heat and natural rainfall to thrive.
  • Mulch It UpMulching provides a plethora of benefits for gardens, including helping your plant conserve water better. Mulch will prevent water loss, meaning your plants can best utilize the amount of water you have given them with minimal loss. Also, mulch can prevent weeds from springing up and stealing the water your garden needs.
  • Use Porous Stonework – When designing paths through your landscape or garden, try to choose materials or stones that will allow rain to pass through into the ground. This will allow that water to redistribute to your plants, minimizing the amount you need to spray them down and allowing them to flourish.

Your home or business can have and maintain a beautiful garden this summer while conserving water! Want more tips or to get started on your new landscaping look? MDM Landscapes provides you with quality landscaping and services in Godley, TX. Reach out to our experts for your landscaping needs by dialing (817) 396-0125.

Tree Pruning: 3 Simple But Important Benefits

Pruning an Old Tree

Pruning Promotes the Health of Your Trees and Supports Your Landscaping Design.

Most homeowners will tell you that pruning is never truly done, and they’re right. Tree pruning is hard work. While it may be tempting to indefinitely postpone maintenance, tree pruning provides three very simple, but critical benefits for your property.

Benefit #1: Protecting the House

Perhaps the most important mission behind tree pruning is protecting your home from damage. For tree limbs that hover directly above your house, catastrophic damage is never to far away. That’s why homeowners need to consistently keep their trees trimmed and pruned, so the next thunderstorm won’t leave fallen limbs on your rooftop. As a side benefit, this will also reduce the volume of twigs and leaves that flow onto your roof or into your gutters. Who wouldn’t like to clean their rooftop less often?

Benefit #2: Healing Your Trees

Dying limbs draw nutrients away from healthy areas of your trees. Pruning away these limbs allows your trees to utilize its resources more efficiently and grow new limbs in the process. If your trees can’t seem to continue growth, try scheduling a tree pruning.

Benefit #3: Beautifying Your Property

How many times have you driven through a neighborhood and spotted out of control tree growth. Overgrown trees detract from the beauty of your landscaping and can even affect your property value. If you think managing this wild foliage might be too big a project for you, reach out to a trustworthy landscaping service to help you get the job done.

If you’d like more information on landscaping, or if you’d like to schedule a tree pruning for your property, feel free to talk to one of our specialists at MDM Landscapes. Talk with us at (817) 396-0125.

4 Ways To Enhance The Curb Appeal of Your Business With Landscaping

There’s no denying that a beautiful exterior can draw in customers. Whether it be from amazing architecture or artwork, well-designed marketing signage, or greenery, what is directly outside your business can seriously affect the profits going on inside it. Landscaping is a great way to attract clients as it is so attention-grabbing. Here are some tips on how to enhance your business’s curb appeal with landscaping.

Lights, Plants, Walkways, and Walls Are Great Ways To Attract Customer’s Attention

Sign Visibility

If your sign is not noticeable, how will people know to come into your business or recommend it to others? Is your company’s logo being blocked by overgrown trees or bushes? MDM Landscapes offers trimming services. We also provide lighting installation that will help to put your sign front and center in everyone’s minds.


Colors automatically catch the eye. Planting bright flowers around your business will not only attract customers, but help the environment. Keep them healthy with fertilizer and soil aeration.


You’ve now got this beautiful flower bed. Immerse shoppers in them by placing walkways in between your gardens and leading it up to your commercial building. This can be greatly beneficial if your business is on unpaved road or land, providing people with ease of walking and comfort while also being very aesthetically pleasing. If you are worried about the flowers being destroyed from being too close to foot traffic, consider getting a retaining wall, which will safely enclose your little garden.


Installing sprinklers will preserve the life of your plants and grass. It will keep them vivid, green, and colorful. Dry, dead grass can make shoppers think a commercial building is uncared for and therefore out of business. Show how much you love your business by taking care of the lawn in front of it.

If you want to improve your business’s visual with landscaping in Grandbury Grandbury and Fort Worth, TX, call MDM Landscapes at (817) 396-0125 for any of the mentioned services.

Lighting Your Yard

Your yard is the first thing that people see when they pull up to your home. Undoubtedly, you want it to not only look nice, but you want it to be safe. This is where yard lights play a big role. Most people have lights on their homes, but many don’t have lights going up the pathway to their doors. This may not seem like a big deal, but if you are like many Americans, you may get home from work when the sun is about you go down or leave the house in the morning before the sun is up. If this is the case, for your safety, it may make you feel better to have lights put in so that not only can you see where you’re going, but you are in a well lit area. Even if you live in a safe neighborhood, you can never be too cautious about making sure you are in an area that people can see you well.

More Pros From Lighting Your Yard

Not only is safety a big selling point, but adding a few lights to your yard can actually change the look and add a little flair of your own. If you have a path that leads to your porch or your front door, you can put a few lights in the ground to guide the way in the dark. This will help you to see better and also gives off a beautiful look to a greatly lit pathwayIf this is something that you think you may want or have been wondering about pricing, call MDM Landscapes at (817) 396-0125 and we can go over options, pricing, and placement with you whenever you like.

Spring Lawn Preparation

Spring is coming. Is your landscape ready for it? Your yard and plants don’t suddenly burst with life when spring hits. They need help and care. Here are just a few of the many tips for spring lawn preparation that you can apply to your landscaping.

Flower and Plant Bed Lawn

We Perform Spring Lawn Preparation.

Plant Bulbs

Bulbs are some of the easiest ways to jump start new plant growth. Just put them in the ground, make sure they have enough water and fertilizer, and then let them grow. There are innumerable plants you could add to your landscaping with just some bulbs.

Lay Mulch

The best time to apply new mulch is just before new plants begin to rise to the surface. Remove your old mulch and put new stuff down. Good mulch retains water and fertilizer to aid your plants, and applying early is a great way to start your landscape off for spring.

Plant Grass

Early spring is the best time to plant new grass seed. Plant your grass seed early to save water and prevent the seeds from struggling in the hot sun. You can plant before winter, but the grass will need time to get established in order to survive winter. Early spring means green grass through the rest of spring, and in summer.

Prune Plants

Start pruning your plants. Pruning is an often-neglected part of landscaping all year. But, for many plants, pruning helps improve growth. Removing the dying parts of plants also helps your landscaping look better in general.

For more spring lawn preparation tips, come to the landscaping experts of MDM Landscapes in Granbury, TX. Call us for your landscaping services at (817) 396-0125.

Winter Lawn Care Tips For Your Grass

In the winter months, many Texas lawns go dormant, and turn that classic shade of golden-brown. This is normal, so don’t panic! There aren’t many things that you need to do to your lawn, but there are a few that can keep your lawn safe until the spring.

winter lanscaping

Do You Know How To Care For Your Lawn In Winter?

Prepare in Fall

Generally speaking, the Fall time is the best time to prepare your grass for winter. While it might be a bit late in the season, you can always be ready for next season. In the Fall, prepare your grass by cutting it down shorter gradually, so that it will be short and hardy before Winter begins. This will prevent too much of the grass from freezing, and will ensure your lawn doesn’t become an easy place to nest for cold pests!

Spot Treat Winter Weeds

The nice thing about having grass that goes dormant in the winter, is that winter weeds are going to be very easy to spot. Winter weeds will be bright green in the cold months, which is the ideal time for you to spot treat them with the proper weed-killer. (Make sure to choose one that doesn’t kill grass!)

Don’t Walk On The Grass

Make sure that you keep your grass as free from pressure as possible. It may be brittle from the cold, and susceptible to breaking or damage. Don’t walk on it unless you need to, and make sure nothing is left on your yard, such as toys, rocks, or vehicles.

If you need help with any of your landscaping needs, don’t hesitate to give our team a call at  (817) 396-0125 for fast and affordable services!

Why You Need Hardscaping

Designing and building an elegant landscape outside your home or business is not always all about the plants. While the greenery is a big part of landscaping, there is a second part that ties everything together to create a functional space in your landscaping. This second element is call hardscaping. Hardscaping is the heavier elements in the landscaping. It can include driveways, stone pathways, stone walls or other solid elements. If you’re interested in learning about the types and styles of hardscape materials, MDM Landscapes offers services to install and replace hardscaping.

What Does Hardscaping Do?

Garden with Hardscaping

Hardscape Materials Make Great Patios and Outdoor Living Spaces.

Hardscaping is important to the design of any outdoor space. First, it creates an extra living space. Often times hardscape materials take on the form of a patio, which creates a place for people to gather and enjoy the natural beauty of the plants and other elements of the landscape. Second, it breaks up the landscaping. Without some hardscape elements, such as walls and pathways, a well designed garden will look like nothing more than a field or forest. Hardscaping creates breaks and helps you understand the function of the space. Finally, the heavier materials provide landscaping design options for areas of high drought and heat. Green plants need a lot of water. Hardscape materials don’t require water, but it can still create a unique appearance in your outdoor living spaces.

If you’re interested in learning about the benefits and uses of hardscapes, contact the office of MDM Landscapes at (817) 396-0125. We are here to help you design the perfect landscaping for your home or business.