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Landscaping Company

For A Landscaping Company in The DFW Area, Call MDM Landscapes!

Wanting to enhance the appearance of your Argyle, TX property? The professionals at MDM Landscapes are able to assist you! Our knowledgeable landscapers have about 25 years of background in the landscaping industry, guaranteeing your property has the greatest care and preservation possible. Whether you are looking for landscaping, lawn care, or even a fence construction, MDM Landscapes is the landscapers to contact. If you would like to talk with one of our team members to consult about landscaping in Argyle, TX call us now at (817) 396-0125.


Never accept second rate landscaping work, when you are able to contact MDM Landscapes today for exceptional landscaping services for your business or home’s property.

  • Dirt Work and Fill DirtDirt Work and Fill Dirt When you’re wanting to build up areas around your yard’s pool or even fountain, dirt work and fill dirt is a great service to consider for your business or home.
  • Flowerbed Installation and MaintenanceFlowerbed Installation and Maintenance Looking to add flowerbeds to your residence or do you need someone to correctly preserve them? We are here to help!
  • Hardscape ServicesHardscape Services Want to add a concrete terrace or stone retaining wall? Our hardscape work has many choices for you to choose from.
  • Landscape DesignLandscape Design Do you need an artistic layout or something more functional for your lawn? Give our team a call for landscape design for your property.
  • Mulch ApplicationMulch Application To preserve moisture and decrease weeds from growing on your property, consider mulch applying services by our company.
  • Retaining WallsRetaining Walls We provide a variety of retaining wall selections for customers who want to incorporate a little concealment to their yard.
  • Stone Work and FlagstoneStone Work and Flagstone Stone work and flagstone are very sturdy, dependable, and efficient if you need to add certain stone features to your property.

Contact our landscaping company today at (817) 396-0125 if you want to enhance the appearance of your commercial or residential property with our landscaping work.

Lawn Care

Managing a home or company property lawn can be a lot of work, but MDM Landscapes offers excellent lawn maintenance work to take care of their client’s lawn maintenance desires.

  • Commercial Lawn CareCommercial Lawn Maintenance If you need tree trimming, mowing, or additional lawn work for your company property, our landscaping company has got your back!
  • Drainage and French DrainsDrainage and French Drains In order to prevent puddling water on your property, you need the correct drain system for your yard, which we are able to take care of.
  • Fertilizer and Pre-Emergent ApplicationFertilizer and Pre-Emergent Application Fertilizer is a great method to guarantee your plants and other outside vegetation continues to thrive, which is why our fertilizer and pre-emergent application service is very rewarding and helpful.
  • Grass and Sod InstallationGrass and Sod Installation When you require grass and sod implantation for your house or business’s property, our landscaping company will provide you with high-quality services.
  • Residential Lawn MowingResidential Lawn Mowing Have you been searching for residential lawn mowing in Argyle. TX? MDM Landscaping has got your back!
  • Soil AerationSoil Aeration To get your lawn’s grass growing lush and very strong, consider soil aeration work from our expert landscaping company.

When you want a lawn care service company that can provide your home or business property with exceptional lawn work, just pick up the phone and call MDM Landscapes today at (817) 396-0125 to make an appointment.

Other Services

On top of our landscaping and yard care services for commercial and residential clients, we also provide other lawn related services.

  • Fence Installation and RepairFence Installation and Repair Our fence assembling and restoration services can deliver you with a long-lasting, efficient, and superior fence for your home or business.
  • Outdoor and Landscaping LightingOutdoor and Landscaping Lighting Need outside lighting for additional safeguarding for your home or need to display certain elements of your landscaping? We are able to help with our outdoor and landscaping lights.
  • Pruning and Trimming ServicesPruning and Trimming Services To have your shrubs, trees, and additional plants looking fantastic, get cutting and trimming services to have everything looking neat and beautiful.
  • Sprinkler Installation and RepairSprinkler Installation and Repair Whether you require sprinkler installation or repair services, our team of professionals is able to help you out!
  • Tree Planting and RemovalTree Planting and Removal Regardless if you need to plant a new tree or are wanting to get rid of a tree from your property, you are able to count on our tree planting and removal services.

When you need more services besides landscaping and lawn maintenance services, contact our professional team now at (817) 396-0125 to have your property looking better than before!

Call Us Today for A Reputable Landscaping Company

Call Us Today for A Reputable Landscaping Company

The Best Landscaping Company In All Of The DFW Area.

For high-quality landscaping, lawn maintenance, and lawn associated work for your residence or office, look to the skilled landscapers at MDM Landscapes for more dependable and greater landscaping services. With about 25 years of knowledge, we can provide office and residential properties in Argyle, TX with better services to help their lawns and yards thrive. Want to make an appointment for landscaping in Argyle, TX for either your house or business? Contact our landscapers now at (817) 396-0125 for great landscaping and lawn services for company and residential properties.